Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Top Tips - The Journey

We believe that every new salon guest needs to know who we are and what we do as a "brand." After filling out their New Guest Profile Card, we take them on a "journey" of our salon. Salon team members recite the same script and emphasize certain key points with their dynamic personalities. We use comments like, "delighted" or "my pleasure" instead of "thank you" or "no problem". Get your salon team together and change the dialogue, it makes your environment fun. Take a virtual journey of Mikel's The Paul Mitchell Experience at

Mikel Sandoval, Art Director and Owner of Mikel's The Paul Mitchell Experience


  1. Even the simple act of showing the client around on their first visit makes their first experience that much better. We shouldn't assume that each new client knows how you do things in your business, 'cause it does differ! Even things like putting the cape on are confusing - do you go facing in, or is it over the shoulders? You've all seen that dance! Make it easy on them and take the time to explain it all.

  2. I love this tip! One of the key ingredients to success in any business, product or serviced-based, is consistency. New clients all going through the same process will establish that, and make sure their expectations are set for the future. Taking time to give a tour of the salon is a fabulous touch! It gives you a chance to develop a relationship with your clients, get to know them a bit, ask them questions, and build trust