Saturday, June 13, 2009

Rebooking - Scheduling life's priorities, hair comes first.

Rebooking is the quickest way we can uplift sales and create better walking adverts. Our clients who rebook before they leave make 50% more visits per year than those that wait to book from home, but most stylists hate to think they are pushy sales people.

This needs reframing. We are professional advisors in this client relationship and must take the lead. As such, if we offer any less than the client needs, we are failing in our duty.

We look at 3 stages:

1. Consultation - Questions like: "When did it stop looking its best?"

2. Reinforce - Statements like: "I'd like to see you in six weeks time to be sure we maintain your style".

3. Reception Staff - Questions like: "Is it 5 or 6 weeks for your next appointment?"

Michael van Clarke, Owner - Michael van Clarke