Monday, September 14, 2009

Pricing, pricing, pricing

Do all of your haircare and spa products that are for sale in your salon/spa have a price on them? If you answered no, ask yourself this... When you are shopping in a store, for example Bath & Body Works®, and you pick up a product and it does not have a price on it, what do you do? That's right, you put it right back where you found it! If you have salon software, you may have the ability to print labels for your products with the quick click of a button. Another option is that office supply stores sell pricing guns for about $20. The pricing gun allows you to price your items effectively and efficiently. Do not hand-write your price tags, consumers expect to see handwritten tags at a flea market or garage sale. Remember EVERYTHING in your four walls is branding your business.

Cheryl Fernandes, Retail MD Manager SalonCentric


  1. I find that people work so hard to make their retail displays 'touchable', so when things like no price tag make clients put it back down after touching it, it kind of blows the whole strategy. Anyone else ever notice something that makes clients put products down?

  2. When you begin to carry a new line of products, be sure to ask your supplier for small pamphlets that describe the product(s). Having these displayed adjacent to the products (especially expensive ones) can really illustrate the value to your clients. Not only can these be a great selling tool, it will also combat the "sticker shock" feeling your clients may experience

  3. Price tag placement is key so your clients aren't spending lots of time looking all over for the tag. Consistency of tag placement is also helpful. I definitely agree that handwritten tags are tacky!