Thursday, May 14, 2009

Up Your Advertising!

Today many companies are cutting back on ad spending due to the economy. Wrong decision! Today more than ever progressive aggressive companies of all types, including and perhaps especially salons, should hold their ad budgets or even increase them to build their brands at bargain-basement rates. Ad volumes are down in all types of media…print, radio, TV and even Internet…and this is translating into lower rates and therefore better cost efficiencies for advertisers. Take advantage of these lower rates to get your message out to consumers who are still buying, but more selectively.

Gordon Logan, Founder/CEO - Sport Clips


  1. Another side effect of a tough economy for the industry is a surplus of clients looking for a hair and beauty 'home'. Keeping up your 'A' game on the customer service side as well as increasing your brand penetration will help you prosper through the tough times.

    Anyone advertising locally in response to the tough economy? I saw a business down the street offering free cut and style to anyone that had a job interview that day....

  2. There is no better time to be pro-active about your business. If you are going to make it through or even GROW in this economy you must exhaust every resource that gets your name out there. Don't sit on the sidelines, get off the bench and score!

  3. Marketing to your existing clients offering incentives for them to refer friends is a good way of building new clients, word of mouth is great form of advertising and best of all its free.